This project was built to order for a client who was just starting to learn to ride a motorcycle. One of the popular classic Kawasaki B650 motorcycles was chosen, small in size and not too powerful. The idea for this project was to build a scrambler for daily driving through the city and of course with the departure of the nature through the beautiful forests of our country.


In this passage, we replaced the gas tank, removed the stock one, and introduced the tank from the old KZ400, thereby giving the motorcycle a new look. The front wheel was replaced by 18 radius, replaced the rim and made the spokes. The rear tail of the frame was changed, so we had to change the part of the frame at the transition from the gas tank to the seat for a more beautiful joint. The exhaust system was made anew and raised higher, performing its function to drive through deep mud ditches. Motorcycle got a lot of aluminum parts made by hand.


Base  - Kawasaki W650 2003

Style - Scrambler

Gas tank -  Kawasaki KZ400

Rear Frame - Custom

Electric Box - Custom

Wheel - Heidenau K60 120/90s  18'' (front custom)

Speedemeter - T&T (custom)

Mini Switch - Custom 

Front Turn Signal - Custom

Headlight - LED (holder custom)

Seat - Custom

Fenders - Al 3mm Custom

Air Fiters - K&N (custom)

Rear Taillight & Turn Signal  - Highsider LED

Exhaust System - 2-into-1 stainless  (custom)

Muffler - BMW S1000 

Handlebar - Custom

Grips - Domino

Chain Fender - Custom

Engine Protection - Custom


For Client