MOTO GUZZI  Nevada 750


If motorcycles were animals, they would surely be black. Trace their lineage back to the original bikes tearing around Southern Europe thousands of years ago and bet your bottom dollar they’d be pitch dark, coal dust, moonless night black. It’s the nature of the beast. Hell, you couldn’t buy a bike in any other colour until the 1940s. Black bikes just look so damn right. It’s some weird collective subconscious thing that’s buried deep in our psyches. Maybe that’s why, when we see a bike like tonight’s build from Belarus shop Recast Moto, we can’t help but like it. And boy, do we like it.


But the real inspiration came after looking at the work of Italian shop, Venier Customs. Their Moto Guzzi ‘Traktor 2’ was great inspiration for what we wanted to do”.


Base  - Moto Guzzi Nevada 750 1999

Style - Scrambler

Gas tank - Honda CB750 (custom)

Wheel - Heidenau K60 120/90s  18'' (custom)

Speedemeter - T&T (custom)

Mini Switch - Custom 

Front Turn Signal - Custom

Headlight - LED (custom)

Seat - Custom

Rear Fender - Custom

Intake - Custom

Foot Pegs - CNC



- Available to order