If you decide to order a motorcycle from my workshop, you need to familiarize yourself with the following information:



1. How to order the construction of a motorcycle at Recast Moto? 


- Contact me in any way that is convenient for you. You can email me, message me on Whats App, Viber, or Telegram. You can also contact me through the form on the Contacts tab of this web page. Generally, I answer within a few days, but sometimes it can take up to a week due to heavy workload, and I hope for your patience and understanding.

In your letter or message, please tell me a little bit  about yourself and your wishes for the project. Remember that in order to choose the right donor, your height and weight need to be taken into account. (Donor is the motorcycle that I will purchase to use as the starting point to build your project). You can attach photos of the projects that you like. You can also ask questions, and I will try to answer them.


2. What are the stages of the project construction process?


- Development and design of the project. Discussion of the client's wishes, the nuances of building a new project

- Selection and purchase of a donor that will be customized.

- Repair of the engine and other components, if needed

The motorcycle is fully serviced, all consumables are replaced and all faulty units, elements and parts are repaired. You get a fully functional motorcycle

- Search and order the parts from stores around the world that are required for the construction of a new project based on the donor motorcycle

- Ordering exclusive handmade parts specifically for the project

- Direct work on the project: dismantling the purchased motorcycle, welding, cutting, working on changing the geometry of the motorcycle base, manufacturing parts, painting, working with an electrician, etc.

- Assembling the motorcycle

- Checking the motorcycle for defects during assembly

- Test drive of 1 week or 1000 km

- Shipment to the client


3. How long does it take to build a custom motorcycle?


 - The minimum time required to build a custom motorcycle is 2 to 3 months. The factors that impact the timeline are the complexity of the project, the condition of the donor, the amount of labor required, the time required to produce the specific parts that are specific to this project, the shipment and handling by postal services of various countries. The latter may increase the overall time significantly as the delivery may be scheduled for public holidays or weekends. On top of that, the ongoing COVID-19 problem is causing great delays with deliveries. 


Please note that due to these factors it is not possible to guarantee  that a custom motorcycle will be ready in exactly X number of weeks or months, since I work alone and put my soul into every project. Recast Moto is not a factory. Building a motorcycle requires a lot of time and effort. It is a creative process as much as it is an engineering one.


4. What is the delivery time for the motorcycle?


- For European countries, delivery ranges between 2 weeks and one month

- For the USA: starting from 1-2 months

- For Asia: 1-2 months

- For Australia: 1-2 months


5. What payment methods do you accept?


I accept Payoneer and bank transfers, but due to particularities of various countries’ payment systems we will need to discuss this separately with each client. 


6. Where can I see Recast Moto projects?


You can see my works in the portfolio on the website as well as follow the projects and the life of the workshop on social media and on my Youtube channel.


7. Where is the workshop based?


The workshop is based in the city of Minsk, Belarus.



Each project is individual and unique in its own way. As the final result of the project, you will become an owner of an artisan object, a motorcycle that is exclusive.

In my portfolio you will find a number of international projects.




The Recast Moto is the workshop in Belarus where new ideas are created based on classic bikes. We like working with different projects, as we learn a lot from each of them and keep a fresh look.


Today we are surrounded by wonderful people who share our passion and love for motorcycles, and we grow together. This has become a way of life and we continue to go further.


We build motorcycles and deliver worldwide.


The organization of the festival Recast Moto Fest was part of our history.



The company was founded in 2014

Our space is located at Automobilistov Str. 12a, Minsk, Belarus