Yamaha XS650


I am glad to introduce you to my favorite - Yamaha XS650. This is my daily bike for getting around the city. Yamaha as a project is not fully implemented, every year it approaches the final, having several stages in its assembly. At the moment, this is stage number 2. I hope soon Yamaha will receive the status of completed.  The gas tank is updated with stickers that remind of events from my life. But it seems to me that she now has her own individuality. Rate this stage.




Base - Yamaha XS650 SE 1981

Style - Flat Tracker 

Wheels  - Shinko 16'

Front Wheel  - Custom

Tacho - M&B

Seat - Custom

Rear Fender  - Custom

Grips - Vintage original England

Throttle - AMAL 364

Handlebar - Triumph T120

Electric Box - Custom Stainless Steel

Mini Switch - Custom

Air Intakes - Custom AL (updates) 

Headlight - Cadillac 60 (fog)

Turn Signal  - Posh

Mufflers- Custom Stainless Steel