Kawasaki Z650 (known as KZ650 in North America) was a 652 cc (39.8 cu in) standard motorcycle made by Kawasaki from 1976 till 1983. They rebooted the model in 2017 and have come out with a new model yearly since then. It had a four-cylinder four-stroke DOHC air-cooled wet sump engine with two valves per cylinder and a five-speed gearbox. Designed as a middleweight sibling to the Kawasaki Z1, it competed in the market against the smaller SOHC Honda CB650. The Z650 was the epitome of the "Universal Japanese Motorcycle". (wiki)


Restoration for everyday driving. A small amount of work was done on the back of the motorcycle, the tail of the frame and the seat were modified to give the motorcycle more classic forms and personality.


Base - Kawasaki Z650 1979

Style - Classic 

Wheels  - Shinko

Seat - Custom

Rear Frame - Custom

Muffler - Classic

Rear Fender  - Custom

Grips - Vintage original

Rear Taillight & Turn Signal - Vintage Classic


FOR SALE - 6000 Euro