Honda CB550F


This bike was my second purchase. His story was sad, the condition of the old motorcycle after the accident and the terrible exploitation of the previous owner. He was taken from the Netherlands to Lithuania and then to Belarus. It was very expensive and long. It was determined to do something interesting and unusual. That's what happened - look.




Base - Honda CB550F 1976

Style - Flat Tracker 

Wheels  - Shinko 19' Firestone 18'

Tacho - Universal

Seat - Custom

Rear Fender  - Custom

Grips - Vintage original

Throttle - AMAL 364

Handlebar - Triumph T120

Electric Box - Custom Al

Mini Switch - Custom Wood

Air Intakes - Custom Wood (updates) 

Headlight - Miller 60 (fog)

 Turn Signal  - Universal

Mufflers- Custom Stainless Steel