BMW R100


 “They’re classic airheads that have passed the test of time,The boxer engine makes it a lot of fun and reliable.” But he’s also quick to acknowledge the problem in building a kickass boxer. “There’s so many unique BMW’s which makes it hard to compete design wise or in individuality,” he adds. “The task is not to repeat anything and get something new and classic”.


So when a customer approached Recast wanting a custom bike, any custom bike, they knew what they wanted to offer up as a donor. And they knew it’d be a challenge. “The client wanted a motorcycle for the city, something that can do short trips with the ability to take a pillion,” 



Base - BMW R100RS 1976

Style - Cafe Racer 

Wheels  - Heidenau K60’s

Speedometer - T&T

Seat - Custom

Frame - Custom

Rear Fender  - Custom

Grips - Custom

Gas Tank Cap - Custom

Mini Switch - Custom

Air Box - Custom (Air Filter  - DNA)

Kick Starter - Custom

Details from Aluminum - Custom